The concept of corporate image of a company is based on the set of ideas that people have about it. This series of ideas are generated by factors that are grouped into what a company represents, as its quality, customer service, reliability and internal or external staff.

Among the factors that can define the image of a company we must emphasize those that are visual such as the logo, color and type of font used. These types of elements are used in the presentation of their products, institutional stationery and advertising to carry out, in order to generate a visual stimulus to its observers. Create a way to send a message in order to project a certain desired image in the public. This whole process is known as corporate image design.

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However, to achieve a corporate image to be effective, the company shall plan. What kind of image you want to project?

Considering who may be the recipients of a corporate image, we emphasized to final consumers or potential suppliers or distributors, media, trade associations and Government or to employees of the company itself.

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The reach that a good corporate image can have is often ignored, but the visual impact that it generates depends on the results that we will obtain.

Corporate Image | In relation to your personal goals

We recommend that you transmit, increase and preserve the prestige of your company, increase sales of its products or obtain a permanent presence in the consciousness of your audience, increase the flow of information amongst the members of the company and its public or simply encourage confidence of the shareholders of the company through its corporate image.

Analyzing. Why is it necessary?

A corporate image is intended to determine the profile of a company or institution, with its values as well as its vision and mission are reflected. Knowing how to determine such factors succeed in not only your audience know how good or important your brand is but that will relate to it.

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As we have seen, the corporate image is responsible for representing the full range of elements that make up the structure of your company. And for this to happen, not only must consider the main issues, but also pay attention to the smallest details, because in them is a small portion of the image of the company.

Since it is not easy to determine what the best corporate image or your company really needs, in Tecnoarea, we offer an advisory service in which we diagram and project together, image strategy to meet its target and objectives. Starting from the premise that there is nothing more important than the "image", and is part of our challenge, designing and creating that image really suits your needs.