The number of sites that are available in the internet are more than 1000 millions. However, not all sites are known and available at a glance by internet users and most of the websites top ranked use search engine optimization agency services.

Search Engine Optimization | Why is it so?

It happens mainly because so as to organise such a huge quantity of information it had to be stipulated into a set of rules to generate order within the information that is more relevant for each user.

Search engines are in charge of setting up that order. They classify information according to their discretion to prioritize information to be shown later on when users look up for information.

Google has proved to be the best and most complete search engine that exists nowadays. It is used by 85% of internet users worldwide. That is why, a number or requirements were mapped out so as to allow perfect conditions sites are found above poor quality ones when searching in the web. This is how the acronym SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) arose.

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Statistics September 2016

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

It mainly tries to fulfill a number of implementations that optimize the website, giving importance to website design and other components that are not noticed at first glance, that kind of improvements are delivered by an search engine optimization agency. Google will interpret the optimized site offers quality content to users and will position the site in the first searching positions above other sites that do not meet the requirements even if they share the same topic.

There are many tools to be used when optimising a site, that is why not everyone can develop a site. Even a small, innocent mistake might mean that an entire website sinks into the deep waters of the web. This causes search engines employ months of analysis to cancel penalization and allow them to be found again.

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How does Search Engine Optimization affects my website?

Nowadays traditional rules used in marketing have changed since the development and revolution caused by the internet. It is foolish to continue applying conventional marketing to new markets and challenges offered by today's competitors. That is why web positioning is based mainly on quality website development to accomplish organic positioning with the complementation of active marketing tools such as online advertising campaigns within Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!), in social networking sites and through email advertising campaign.

If we know that we have a site with ideal conditions prepared to positionate in organic search, we will know that we belong to the new market that is opened in front of us and that we have the possibility of competing on a like-for-like basis against the huge market offered on the internet. Therefore, if we do make google collect our website´s content so that it is available in users´searches, then the content will not be found..

Having a website without a proper optimization leads to the only choice of waste money in paid campaigns, increasing your budget of marketing, that is why is importart that you relay on a search engine optimizacion agency who can bring your website to top results organically, using only ads campaigns as boosters when the niche market requires it.

Do you need an search engine optimization agency?

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What else should I know about Search Engine Optimization Agency?

So as for SEO Positioning to be effective it must have, among other things, Original Content. When reference to Original Content is made, we make distinction of an information flow within our website that is useful for the user that is surfing the site. For that, Google analyzes in advance if that flow of information was not previously available in the web, so as to offer browsers a high quality service where only sites that create, share and distribute original content will be given priority and a better web positioning when appearing in an organic search on the internet.

As it known, SEO Positioning is vital for any website that wants to lead the way in showing its products or services on top, above competitors. An accurate and effective SEO Positioning delivered by an search engine optimization agency generates a greater traffic within a website, this means a greater number of visitors and consequently more customers.

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SEO Positioning, is also complemented with SERP positioning practise, where optimized media content is taken into account; images, videos, articles, to promote also this content in search engines positioning.

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