One of the bases of Digital Marketing for right positioning is Original content. The requirements and demand of search engines and sites long for a good positioning in the organic search. These results are what we receive when an online search is done, high quality content related with the phrase we are searching.

So as to achieve a good web positioning on the search engine rankings through a correct and original content development, it is a must to pose this question: How relevant and useful is the published content? If this is the case, what value does Google and search engines give to it?.

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In the same way that technologies progress in function of needs, search engines are not the exception, their aim is to offer quality service. Only useful content for the user is prioritized and non relevant information is discarded or postponed. A concrete example is Plagiarism or mirrored content that have spelling and grammatical errors, or that makes excessive use of a word in particular (in some cases it is even incoherent). That is why the most prudent and effective answer to optimize the achievement of positioning and its growth is original content.

Original content development offers many advantages

Site visitors should have the possibility to find whatever they are looking for, in a fast and easy way, it is also important that they can enjoy custom-made content able to answer any inquiries with the published information in each service or product, i.e you will find original content that will make you feel comfortable.

Every publication and segmentation that is made has to be defined in the market in advance. In other words, we think about the kind of audience that it is aimed at and who your future customers will be, so as to generate content in advance using this notions. Accomplishing high quality original content is also important. Offering optimized content that takes into account your users´ needs, will be relevant when deciding between your products or your competitors´. We will also appear as a viable alternative when customers look for a specific product.

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Original content generates leadership in your site

When search engines detect mirrored content or plagiarism of any available content in the web, we will not only be penalized avoiding that our content appears but also it will generate a higher leadership to this sites´ content or owner that created that content as original.

With the excess of content around the web, a major digital marketing problem is to generate original content that is relevant. That is why Tecnoarea offers a SEO section that is in charge of researching, analysing and administrating the content that is needed in your web site for service development and periodic article publication that will motivate users to visit your site and will make your company easier to be noticed, among other web site design services.

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It is convenient to clarify that digital Marketing not only includes Original content narration, but it also needs other structure´s homogeneity that justify through SEO positioning, as a professional website, publication and administration tools, continuous advice about different active digital marketing strategies and other complementary services that are at your disposal.