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Tecnoarea has its office in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. At present, we operate as a company specialized in web pages design, Web hosting and Digital Marketing together with other complementary services that aim at Web Sites development in an integral way.

It emerges out of a fusion of different entrepreneurship within the information field and based on the growing necessity of website development SMEs (small and medium enterprises). It was built with lots of effort, dedication and constant personal and professional growth of its founding partners and work team.

Our mission is mainly to promote our customers´growth though a right and solid digital marketing strategy. So as to accomplish this, we focus our work on administrating for each project new web development technologies. And, even though these technologies are under constant evolution, we are proud of implementing a creative and strategic way.

We are conscious that “reciprocity” in work makes us grow together with our customers, that is why we enjoy coming along with them, even once our job is finished. We assume with responsibility the trust that was put on us and that we still receive. Promoting a continuous growth that generates the needed balance to continue working like that.

Tecnoarea Group.

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Strategic Alliance

Strategic Alliances emerge like a response to globalization as a contemporary reality since it is becoming harder and harder to follow big corporations production rhythm and it is even more difficult to adjust to its budgets. Taking into account this reality, the need to create bonds is crucial for small companies that allow to continue growing reducing task costs and time that other companies are specialized in, managing them with greater effectiveness.

Making a strategic bond, does not mean that we leave aside part of a market or that responsibilities are avoided, on the contrary, it means that some tasks are relegated to other production centers that are more competent for a specific task and by means of this it is possible to keep focused on a unique objective that is to keep and serve its current market.

A concrete example is to externalize production in parts and among SMEs, that obtain an enormous benefit to reduce costs working together with others, and to offer the possibility to access new developmental technologies. Otherwise it would not be possible to achieve such privileges.