Having a multilingual website, broadens immensely the reach that products and services have. With our development we offer the possibility to implement a multilingual site since the beginning or to attach it later on all together or in different stages.

Each section that is based on a particular language, will be focused on different markets, achieving by means of this, a functional positioning in terms of each customer and consumer´s needs.

Multilenguaje 2

Each version, depending on the website language, will be accessed with a language chooser or automatically, depending on the browser version that the visitor uses to enter the site. Likewise, it is possible to achieve a greater scope as a result of using a marketing strategy for each language.

The viability of developing a multilingual site goes hand in hand with the possibility that your company operates in other countries or the extend that your products or services already have.

Multilingual | It is not alone a translation

Text development in different languages, must follow the line and positioning strategies of the Original Content that we offer for Spanish sites. Being not just a simple text translation what is needed to implement but a set of developments, such as data traffic, geo-positioning and geographic orientation that will promote your business in other markets.

Multilingual site is available to be applied to static content, products, services and news articles. By doing so, it is possible to cover all expansion edges for your company or business venture.

Multilingual | Investigation of Market segmented by language

So as to accomplish that, we will research the market in each country or region that uses the designated language so as to develop from concrete data how to achieve the intended web positioning in the markets.

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